Multifamily Sector Still Not Satisfying Demand

Multifamily demand is through the roof right now due to demographic and socioeconomic factors. The supply in major markets around the US isn’t satisfying the demand, which is only growing stronger as young and old people turn to renting as their best housing solution. 

A major and unprecedented structural shift has occurred in the real estate market due to a variety of demographic and socioeconomic factors. Occupied U.S. rental apartment units rose by 20 percent above the prior 10-year period. Real estate investment managers’ allocations to institutional-quality multifamily product have risen on the ongoing strength in property fundamentals.

The sector offers steady income streams with rents that adjust with inflation annually, with new opportunities in professionally-managed rental housing. Interest is rising in high-quality rentals across all price points and regions, demanding a well-diversified inventory.

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